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Unbeeliievable Health Supplements

Founded in 2010, British brand Unbeelievable Health was created with the help of a small team of health and wellness experts and industry veterans, with the idea in mind to help make it easier for busy people be healthier, naturally.

Unbeelievable Health

I’m a huge fan of Unbeelievable Health and their lovely founder Sarah Orecchia. I love multi-tasking products, especially when they support my health.

Unbeelievable Health offers a range of five targetted supplements:

  • Bee Calm
  • Bee Rested
  • Bee Energised
  • Bee Prepared Daily Immune
  • Be Prepared Immune Max

With another exciting launch due imminently.

Unbeelievable Health’s supplements:

  • combine therapeutic amounts of the highest quality vegetarian nutrients
  • have been researched and formulated by nutritionists
  • have won 25 industry awards.
  • are made in the UK 
  • the contents of Unbeelievable Health capsules may be opened into juices, yoghurts, juice or smoothies, perfect for those who struggle to swallow capsules.

Unbeelievable Health also helps raise awareness about the importance of bees and donates a portion of sales to bee causes and research.

Bee Energised Energy & Focus

Bee Energised in plant pot

Bee Energised energy & focus combines ingredients with proven benefits for helping support energy, stamina and concentration.

Unbeelievable Health

Bee Energised helps to improve energy and focus. As someone who has recently given up caffeine, I love the natural boost I get from Bee Energised which comes without the jitters, subsequent crash or bladder irritation. Ingredients at therapeutic levels include organic bee pollen, matcha tea, green tea leaf, spirulina, Siberian ginseng, rosemary extract & rose hips along with Vitamin B6 & Vitamin B12.

Unbeelievable Health supplements with plant pots.

Bee Energised is the perfect supplement for those studying for exams and involved in sports.

Taking Bee Energised during the perimenopause

Symptoms of the menopause include fatigue and brain fog. The inclusion of vitamins Vitamin B6 & Vitamin B12 will help to reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue and I’m assured, with longer-term use, menopausal brain fog will lessen due to the inclusion of bee pollen and ginseng. Bee Energised is also perfect to take during times of stress, with vitamin B12 helping to reduce stress and protect against nerve damage.

Supplements with Apples

Only £11.99 for 20 power packed capsules. Available here.

Bee Prepared Daily Immune Formula

Supplements in plant pot

Bee Prepared daily defence immune formula is a concentrated combination of ingredients which have natural antibiotic, antiviral & anti-inflammatory properties 

Unbeelieveable Health

Bee prepared helps support our natural defences and is suitable to take daily or as needed. Ingredients at therapeutic levels include bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf, beta glucan and acerola cherry; one of the richest sources of vitamin C.

Bee prepared is suitable for children over 8 years and can be added to drinks, yoghurts and smoothies.

Unbeelieveable Health supplements with apples

Taking Bee Prepared During the Menopause

Bee Prepared’s main ingredient is bee propolis, studies show it helps with collagen and elastin production, my perimenopausal jowls can’t wait! As a result of the perimenopause I’m also experiencing an increasing number of allergies, the joy! I’m looking forward to taking Bee Prepared Daily Defence Immune formula during the hayfever season, as several of the ingredients have natural anti-histamine properties and aid histamine response. I’ll update this post to let you know how I get on.

Supplements with pots

Only £10.99 for 30 immune supportive capsules. Available here.

Shop Unbeelieveable Health

To buy these fantastic supplements visit Unbeelievable Health online or click here. Get a generous 20% off with discount code: BEEHAPPY20. Delivery is free over £30

Other stockists include: Holland and Barrett, Victoria Health, Ocado, Whole Foods and Planet Organic.

Supplements with candle

I love these convenient, targeted and easy to take supplements, each of which addresses a specific aspect of health and wellbeing. Unbeelievable supplements all contain a unique and individual range of ingredients and therefore may be taken together to create a bespoke wellness package.

There is a supplement for everyone at Unbeelievable Health, I hope my introduction to this fantastic brand has been helpful.

Take care.

Much love,


supplements with book

To learn more about the benefits of honey in the menopause, click here.


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