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Disclaimer! Although I deserve a doctorate (for hours spent googling illnesses) I have no medical training whatsoever so please speak to an expert/GP before taking any supplements.

As a perimenopausal woman with rubbishy symptoms and a GP not keen on prescribing HRT,  I want to do everything I can to feel better/human/not murderous. I've been taking City Survivor's fantastic supplements for nearly six weeks now and even in this relatively short period of time have noticed a real difference. You can read my blog post here.  As a result of these speedy and positive results, I decided to come over a bit Sherlock Holmes and investigate how I can further improve my perimenopausal symptoms (before stamping my feet and demanding IV HRT).

Anyway, after a chat with Daisy (founder of City Survivor) and a little googling here is some food (or rather supplements) for thought:


Hormone Regulation

I don't know about you but my hormones are ALLLLL over the place and my P.M.T. is beyond dreadful.

Check out vitamin B6 which is good for PMS and balancing hormones.



Struggling to slumber?

Magnesium is a fantastic sleep aid but unfortunately, it is depleted by stress so if you're feeling stressed and finding it hard to nod off you could well be deficient in this wonder mineral.

It is worth noting that to get the required dose of magnesium you are better taking a dedicated magnesium supplement.


Bone Health

Osteoporosis is a real risk as we age.

In addition to calcium, vitamins D3 and K2 are vital to bone health. (K2 isn't readily available in the western diet so look out for this powerful vitamin in your supplements).

Calcium supplements alone can pose a risk to heart health so always make sure they're supplemented with vitamin D3 (and K2 if possible).


All of the above vitamins and minerals can be found in City Survivor Supplements. To learn more click here.


Vaginal Dryness /Dry Eyes

You too?? Thanks, Mother Nature!

Seabuckthorn - Omega 7 is highly recommended for these Sahara symptoms.


Skin Health

Starting to look old? My jowls are definitely sagging.

The Omegas, found in fish oils or their vegan counterparts, are perfect to pep up sad skin!



Irritating isn't it?

Look for a women-specific probiotic targetted at vaginal health.  By helping maintain balanced bacteria in the vagina we can also aim to avoid cystitis.



Horrid, horrid, horrid!!!

Shop for good quality Cranberry Supplements or D’Mannose.


I hope this helps point you in the right direction. Supplements can really help in midlife and the menopause, it's just a case of knowing what and where to buy. If you have any queries/questions please pop over to City Survivor where expert nutritionist Daisy is a font of knowledge and lovely with it! Daisy can be found at


Please let me know if you have any supplement suggestions! I've become a bit obsessed!

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