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I’ve never tried a shampoo tab before and TBH always imagined I’d end up with chunks of soap tangled in my hair. I couldn’t be more wrong! I ABSOLUTELY love Nudge Boutique Shampoo Tabs and will, without a doubt, be placing an order.

After spending hours on Pinterest searching for anti-ageing hair cuts, I had my hair cut into a graduated bob but have really struggled to style it.  It has looked dreadful! I even debated changing hairdresser. It turns out that substandard snipping wasn’t my problem, the issue was hormonal changes coupled with poorly chosen hair products … who knew?!


During midlife, our hair is impacted by our hormones. Texture change, unruly, dry, you name it!

Jo – Founder Nudge Boutique.


Many thanks, mother nature!

I’m pleased to report that these fantastic little tabs of lusciousness breathed life into my frizzy, limp barnet. GENIUS.  My hair looks so much better and is much easier to style. Thank you so much Jo! I think I’m in love! You can learn more about these gentle powerhouses here.



This beautifully blended oil serum has the most incredible fragrance and is an absolute joy to use. It left my skin soft, nourished and moisturised and dewy. What more can I ask? It truly is a glow-giving dream.

Even better, this super skincare treat is great for hormonally drier thinning skin, sun spots and hyperpigmentation thanks to the high beta carotene content derived from Norfolk Saffron! 

At the bargainous price of only £20 this gorgeous serum performs like a much more expensive product. Upon application, my skin looks instantly brighter and less tired. Quite an achievement!


Key Ingredients Include:

Norfolk Saffron Threads
Virgin Prickly Pear Oil
Organic Rosehip Oil
Olive Squalane

Quite the luxurious lineup!

To learn more click here.


I love both Nudge Boutique products I’ve tried and can’t recommend Jo or her fantastic goodies highly enough. Not only do I look better I’ve also learnt a few things! So you can teach an old dog new tricks!

To say hello to Jo, shop or learn more about this amazing brand click here.

Happy pampering everyone!


For more fab skincare treats click here.

Nudge Boutique Shampoo Bars

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