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J Botanics – 100% Natural Skincare. Powered by plants and superfoods.

J Botanics is run by formulating founding sisters My Linh and My Yen, two lovely ladies I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with over Instagram. This beautiful duo are not only phenomenal businesswomen and skincare aficionados they’re also brave, inspirational, women. You can read their moving story here.

The brand’s tag line is ‘Honestly Natural’ and J Botanics honestly is! There’s no overselling, no over-treating, no inflated prices and no nasties. Just beautiful skincare in its purest, most honest, form.

Instead of assuming one size fits all the sisters thoughtfully offer three versions of their moisturisers, serums and face oils; Normal-Dry, Sensitive and Oily-Combination which makes selecting and shopping so much easier. Even better, these lovely ladies prescribe a simple skincare routine consisting of only five products. To learn more about the J Bo routine click here.

Considering the high-quality and ethically sourced ingredients used in all J Botanics products, which includes body, home and baby care, the range is reasonably and fairly priced. Prices start at £6.00, £35.00 for a serum.

J Botanics Serum and Oil

The dynamic sibling duo kindly gifted me:

Nourish Face Oil

Nourish Face Oil with Organic Rosehip and Organic Chia Seed is formulated for normal-dry skin which is perfect for my perimenopausal chops! It’s a beautiful oil which made my skin look instantly nourished and glowing.

Age Defy Night Serum

Age Defy Night Serum with hyaluronic acid, eco marine algae extract and organic evening primrose is incredible! I love, love, love this serum. The texture and fragrance are divine. My tired lax skin immediately looked better. This is the kind of skincare product I can’t wait to apply.

I was lucky enough to catch up with My Linh for a chat and find out a little more about the brand. Thank you for your time My Linh.

How important are natural ingredients to J Botanics?

Absolutely paramount, as this was the very reason that J Botanics came about. When I struggled to find a natural and effective moisturiser for my son’s red, itchy and inflamed skin during his cancer treatment at the age of 5, I went on a mission to make my own using nutrient dense plant based ingredients. It transformed his skin. I also discovered that the dozens of products I had bought for him, although labelled ‘natural’, in fact had a host of potentially harmful synthetic chemical ingredients, which I was very reluctant to use on him. The term ‘natural’ is unregulated…and as a consumer, it was very frustrating to not be able to find honestly natural products. One of our very core values, is that we will never label our products natural unless it is 100% natural.

How do you minimise your carbon footprint?

Although there is still much we can do, which will improve over time, as the business grows, we are proud that we have taken some major steps to reduce our carbon footprint. All our moisturisers, serums, oils, body butters and scrubs are products are housed in glass. We have taken it a step further, with our return and reward scheme, where if any 6 of our glass packaging is returned to use for re-use, you receive a free moisturiser. This greatly reduces carbon footprint in our supply system, as re-using glass is far more energy efficient than recycling. Our postal packaging is also very eco-friendly. Our postal boxes and shredded filler paper are made from recycled card/paper, and we use recyclable kraft tape to seal them. As soon as we are financially able to do so, we will want to source eco-friendly product labels, and fully recyclable lotion pumps.

How do you view skin care? (eg, as a daily essential or something more mindful and ritualistic).

We feel with skin care, these 3 terms are inter-connected. To us, skin care is a daily essential, as we believe skin care is self care. It’s true to say, when you suffer skin issues, whether it be acne or eczema, it can knock your self-confidence and self-esteem. On the flip side, when you have good skin, you feel less conscious, and can give your self-confidence a boost. I, My Linh have personally felt this. During the extremely worrying and anxious times of J’s diagnosis, my skin suffered incredibly- stressed, tired, dry, and more prominent fine lines and wrinkles that I could count. This had a detrimental effect on my self-confidence, which was already at a low. Self care is essential, as from personal experience, many women, especially with a young family and working, often neglect their own needs. Many are too busy looking after others and forget themselves.

When one becomes mindful of ourselves, skin care becomes a daily routine, a daily essential and with a good routine and great products, it soon becomes a ritual that you do and enjoy doing everyday.

Sisters My Linh and My Jen

Quite simply put, there is nothing wrong and everything to commend with this gentle, nourishing skincare line. To shop and learn more click here or visit www.jbotanics.co.uk you won’t regret it!

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