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Alison Angold

Many of you will know the very lovely Alison Angold as ‘Beauty Taming the Beast’, a blogger and beauty aficionado. I’d now like to introduce Alison Angold author!!

Congratulations on publishing your first book, ‘The Self Care Home Spa’ Alison and thank you for joining me for ‘In conversation with…’

For those who don’t already follow you, please could you tell my lovely readers a little more about you?

I’m 48, married and have 2 teenage boys – the oldest is in his GCSE year, so we’re in for a turbulent time!  I’ve been a beauty therapist for over 25 years, and have had some amazing jobs in salons, spa’s, have worked directly for skincare companies and have run my own beauty business.  I also teach beauty and massage therapy.  I’ve loved this industry, and while carrying out treatments (with a lot of massages!) is slowly taking its toll on my ageing body – and I am having to cut down on doing treatments – it has evolved into me writing a blog about the beauty.

You’ve recently published a fantastic new book. Please tell us more!

Like so many people, all my work shut down during lock-down, and while I had tinkered with my blog before this, it gave me an opportunity to develop it.  Writing the book came as a natural extension of my blog.  I’ve always wanted to write a book – which is the same for many people I’m sure – so took this gift of time to do it!  Luckily the writing just flowed, as it’s based on my knowledge and experience over the years, but I really enjoyed putting it together – the design, sourcing the images, choosing the colours etc…!  It’s a collection of skincare, body-care, massage, aromatherapy and nutrition tips, techniques and advice, to easily implement into your daily or weekly routines.  It also includes a 2 day home spa schedule, which really gives people a chance to take a couple of days to really look after themselves.  I’m very proud of the book and I hope people enjoy it, and learn a little something from it.

You’ve been very honest about your surgical menopause and the symptoms you’ve faced. How can your book help menopausal women?

The book is based on self-care.  And through my experience of my hysterectomy and surgical menopause, I’ve realised all the changes that our bodies go through during this time.  So, I just wanted to put together some simple information about looking after our skin and body, easy ways to relax, and ways to use massage and aromatherapy to look good and feel better.  While my focus is menopausal women, the book is for anyone, who likes to – and needs to – take care of themselves.

In your book you’ve written about the benefits of massage. How can massage help menopausal women?

Massage has got to be the ultimate in self-care!   When we are constantly on the go, and looking after everyone else – which we all do – this takes its toll on our already unbalanced hormones and emotions.  The fact that it allows you to lie, down, relax and switch off for an hour, is already a huge benefit to menopausal women!  Menopause symptoms such as stress, muscle fatigue and joint pain can be eased by a massage, as the muscles and bones are manipulated to relax and de-tense, and ease movement.  Massage also increases the blood circulation, which feeds all the organs and tissues within the body, which, in turn helps all our body systems work more effectively, thus making us feel healthier and more able to cope with stressful or emotional situations.

I’ve recently developed a few intolerances, which I’m assuming are menopausal. I was really interested to read your blog post on this. Please can you tell us a little more about this lesser-known symptom?

 New skin intolerances and irritations are really quite common during menopause!  I’ve had several people contact me recently about new allergies, that they haven’t had before.  It is thought that the immune system becomes slightly lowered during menopause, meaning that our resistance to allergies is lowered.  As we know, oestrogen starts to deplete during menopause and this is thought to increase the production of histamine, which triggers an allergic response in the body or the skin.  Also, as our skin goes through several changes the delicate balance of the skin, can become disrupted during this time, so the skin is prone to reactions or irritation.  It can be a hard symptom to deal with, as it is hard to control hormones of the body. 

If you were to direct menopausal women to just one chapter of your book, which would it be and why?

 It’s really hard to say, as everyone is experiencing different symptoms, or worried about different areas of their body!  I would encourage women to try the 2 day home spa schedule.  This gives you specific self-care activities to carry out – a facial, body massage treatments, a hair treatment, relaxation techniques, space to write down thoughts, feelings, ideas etc, healthy food and drink suggestions, along with plenty of time to relax and re-charge.  It’s what we all could do with every now and again!

Thank you for your time and sharing your incredible knowledge and experience Alison. It’s been lovely to chat!

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