Introducing superRenew Night Treat, a new launch from British Skincare brand, Pure & Cimple. This fabulous bedtime treatment is aimed at mature, tired, dull skin so it’s perfect for my perimenopausal visage.

superRenew is packed with antioxidants, fatty acids and healing plant oils and contains 100% certified, natural ingredients.


Camellia Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Squalane, Coenzyme Q10, Sea Buckthorn and Vitamin E.


Pure & Cimple claim this gentle giant boosts cell regeneration, enhances elasticity, lifts and firms, plumps and softens, protects and hydrates, calms and restores. While I’ve not been using superRenew long enough to back up all of these claims, I can confirm that my skin looks rested, hydrated, and calm after just one week of use. I will report back with an update soon, but so far so good!


We are as strong as our Immune system. Nature has taught this to us time and again – The pandemic taught us many lessons, and one of them is to strengthen our body’s immunity. Like our body, our skin (the largest organ, of course) also needs to be healthy, well-nourished, strong, and resilient. And, these were the ideas behind the inception of Pure & Cimple.

Despite being busy with her launch Pure & Cimple founder Preeti was kind enough to answer a couple of questions for me.

How can superRenew Night treat help my peri/menopausal skin?

Our wisdom and confidence may grow as we get older, but the same isn’t true for our hormone levels. 

Estrogen is a powerhouse hormone, when we are young, it stimulates the production of all the nutrients needed to keep our skin healthy. During peri/menopause, lower levels of estrogen and nutrients have a big impact on our skin. Our skin cells aren’t working optimally and as a result, our skin becomes prone to thinning, sagging, and wrinkling.

When we started researching for the ingredients of superRenew, we worked backwards to first find out the nutrients naturally present in our body when we are young and came up with a formula that restores those nutrients to reset the skin to its best possible state.

Every ingredient in superRenew is handpicked after deep research and it is there to serve a purpose. 

The specialist ingredients in superRenew deliver exactly what’s needed for healthy skin at peri/menopausal age.

Sea Buckthorn is power-packed with Vitamins A, E, K and B to ensure rapid skin cell turnover while you sleep, it’s crucial because as we age our skin cells regenerate slowly showing the signs of ageing. The essential fatty acids in it help produce our skin’s oil barrier, vital in keeping skin hydrated as our skin is thinning as we are getting older.

CoQ10 plays a vital role in helping the ‘powerhouses’ of cells produce energy to remove waste efficiently and let the nutrients absorb better. As a result, it repairs our cells from the damage caused by free radicals.

Fun fact: CoQ10 is naturally present in the body but reduces as we age making our skin more prone to increased stress and damage. CoQ10 in superRenew helps our cells to work optimally.

Squalane softens the skin, improves elasticity. Squalane is produced naturally by our skin until mid-20s and helps to moisturize and protect it. Olive squalane in superRenew is very similar in structure to the squalane produced by the skin and therefore absorbs really well.

Fatty acids in Meadowfoam oil have unique benefits for peri/menopausal skin. It slows transepidermal water loss which becomes rapid as our skin starts to thin. It works as an anti-inflammatory ingredient and forms a strong barrier on the skin and helps to moisturize it.

Rosehip oil, packed with vitamins ( E, C, F and pro-vitamin A) stimulates collagen production in the skin, rejuvenates and heals the skin to improve overall skin tone and texture.

Camellia oil, rich in oleic acid (omega – 9 ), essential vitamins (A and B) and minerals is an excellent moisturizer and prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

As you can see, these hand-picked certified organic, natural ingredients are full of goodness for the skin as we age gracefully. 

We believe less is often more effective and simple is often the fastest route to success. That’s why we use pure ingredients and keep our formulations simple to let each ingredient work.

At what age would you recommend people start using superRenew?

Healthy skin is essential for everybody at any age, it compliments not only looks but also contributes to a healthy self-image. As we age, our skin cells need help with cell repair, regeneration and hydration.

superRenew is ideal for women with the mature, busy, on the go skin

All the skin issues we face in peri/menopause can also crop up earlier if you’re stressed or if you’re not getting enough sleep.

Women dealing with stress often see sudden signs of ageing in their skin that simply shows their skin needs help to bring their skin back to its best state.

Moms with young children who don’t get enough sleep, their sleep-deprived skin doesn’t get enough time to repair and maintain skin cells.

superRenew makes the most of the little rest they get to heal and rejuvenate from inside.

As a general rule, 30 and above, I would say when you see first signs of wrinkles, make way for superRenew in your night routine and I assure you will thank yourself that you did.

Power-packed with collagen-boosting and restoring antioxidants, fatty acids and healing plant oils, this amazing night treatment works in harmony to rebalance and rejuvenate the skin.

Thank you for your time lovely Preeti and congratulations on launching such an amazing product. Doesn’t it sound good? Perfect for my perimenopausal skin.

To buy now or learn more about superRenew visit or click here.

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