Roze Mountain

With growing children, a career, aging parents and the menopause biting at our heels midlife can be fast-paced stressful. Roze Mountain founders Morgane and Ben are only too aware of this and offer indulgent pamper time and effective skincare for busy people.

Fast-Paced living. Timeless Beauty.

Hamman Ritual Candle

I love the inclusion of candles in Roze Mountain’s range. The Hamman Ritual candle is beautiful, it’s fresh, gentle and musky.

This is a mesmerising marine scent that will transform any bathroom experience into a full Hammam experience. Composed of notes of seaweed, salt, driftwood, fresh coastal breeze and enhanced by touches of cyclamen, water lily, amber and musk. 

Roze Mountain

For me, lighting a candle is the perfect way to relax without making demands on my time.

Anti-Pollution Cleanser and Makeup Remover

I was introduced to Roze Mountain by The Skin Organics Beauty Box, a fabulous bi-monthly subscription clean beauty box which contained Roze Mountain’s Anti-Pollution Cleanser and Makeup Remover.

Key Ingredients:

➤ Green Tea: This extract imparts anti-aging properties.

➤ Jojoba: Jojoba oil is balancing, soothing and moisturising.  

➤ Olive: Olive oil is used to combat the signs of ageing.

➤ Thyme: Thyme is energising and purifying.

➤ Oregano: Oregano is invigorating and stimulating.

I absolutely love this cleanser and am way down my bottle. It’s gentle on my sensitive skin and in keeping with the brand’s time-saving ethos, is multi-purpose.

This cleanser is suitable for eyes, face and lips. No need for 1000 products in your bathroom when you can have a multi-purpose cleanser that does it all!

Roze Moutain

Despite being busy with the pre-Christmas rush, Morgane kindly agreed to spare some time to answer a few questions.

I love the inclusion of candles in your range. Why did you decide to add candles to your line-up?

They were always part of the lineup, we always knew would be there. We love candles, we light them all the time in our house. It’s an item that makes people smile so easily and they’re always extremely popular! I couldn’t tell you why we decided to include them because we never even questioned the fact that it would be there. Candles are for every occasion: bath time, romantic nights, when you have guests over etc. They give a certain warmness and cosiness to a room and help people relax.

How can your products benefit stressed midlife, menopausal women ?

The skincare line has been designed to address polluted and stressed skin. My beautiful menopausal mom and her friends are always the first to test each product so the line is based on them and, thus, for them. The candles can help reduce stress and induce a feeling of calm.

If you were to recommend one of your products to my perimenopausal/menopausal readers, which would it be ?

I think I would either recommend the serum or the mask. If the skin tends to be polluted, stressed and dull with the occasional pimple, then I would definitely say the mask. If your skin tends to be more dry and dehydrated, I would suggest the cleanser as THE product not to miss. The whole range is perfect for tricky menpausal skin though and our Discovery Set enables ladies to try the whole range for a fraction of the price.

Thank you for your time Morgane and the opportunity to relax with your beautiful candle. (Gifted/PR).

To learn more about this beautiful and thoughtful brand visit

Gifted Item (ad/pr) Thanks to Sam for photography guidance and help.


  1. 5 December 2020 / 6:25 am

    Roze Mountain look absolutely gorgeous, I love that candle! Stunning photos my lovely, a festive and luxury sight!

    • charlotte
      6 December 2020 / 12:35 pm

      Thank you Helen, that’s really kind. There will be a giveaway on Roze Moutain’s account later today. Good luck xxx

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