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Nnenna - LBB Skin

I was first introduced to LBB Skincare (Life is Beautiful in Balance) by the fantastic bi-monthly subscription box, The Natural Wellness Box. The November Comfort Box included LBB’s incredible Take Off -Touch Down XL face and body cleansing cloth which I love. You can read my review here. So, when Nnenna, founder and visionary behind LBB Skin got in touch and asked if I’d like to try the brand’s latest release, the A-Game, I was delighted.(ad/pr)

In summary, the A-Game is:

A multi-tasking and versatile moisturising stick balm that melts on contact with skin to revive and restore radiance to dry, dehydrated and dull-looking skin. Use as a face oil, moisturiser or enriching overnight mask; for face, eye contour, lips and more. Vitamins, antioxidants and omegas from 4 powerful superfood oils nourish and cocoon skin from harsh elements. While hyaluronic acid and ceramides bring lasting hydration and help reduce fine lines to leave skin smooth, supple and glowing.

LBB Skin A Game

I love multi-tasking products and I LOVE the A-Game. It’s portable, gentle, nurturing, smoothing and soothing. I’ve put it to the test as a moisturiser, mask, lip balm, highlighter and cuticle treatment and am pleased to report that it delivers every time. The A-Game has exceeded my expectations, it’s perfect for travel, handbags and bedside tables. It really is an incredible all-rounder of a product.

If you want to declutter your beauty cabinet (and mind) I cannot recommend the A-Game highly enough.

The ingredients list is truly impressive and includes Chia Seed Oil, Kahai Seed Oil, Maringa, Marula, Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides.

Adoring both The A-Game and Take off – Touch Down, I wanted to know more about this liberating brand. I was delighted when Nnenna agreed to join me for a chat.

Thank you for your time Nnenna, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and break.

Please could you tell us a little about yourself.

I am an accomplished corporate finance executive with over 15 years experience in top tier city firms who also has a passion for holistic skincare and wellness.

Please tell us about LBB Skincare, life in Beautiful Balance.

LBB was created from my need then as a busy working woman in my late 30s knocking on 40s, starting to see some fine lines and wrinkles, feeling like my face was always tired and frankly not having any time / appetite for a high maintenance, multi-step routine. The other thing I understood well as one of only a few women in a high pressured role was the integral role how we feel plays into our confidence & performance. In LBB, convenience, luxury, efficacy and balance come together. Our holistic approach combines nature, holistic therapies and science together in harmony to help restore balance from within. Our mission is simple to leave you feeling confident calm and in control.

The stylish simplicity of your products is such a breath of fresh air. Please tell us about your products and how you came up with them.

Thank you! We have a tight collection of 3 unique products I call essential luxuries. Each is versatile & multitasking and can simplify (i.e. replace 3 or more products in your routine) or compliment your existing routine. The luxury comes in the attention to detail we’ve put into every aspect to make it easy & convenient – design, formulation, quality, a generous use of active ingredients (no fillers) and ethics. Each product is super easy, smart and works!

  • A-Game, our hero use everywhere moisturising balm – it’s one of the only oil-based products that boasts plumping hyaluronic acid, ceramides and natural retinol. All-important ingredients for any woman (or man) over 40, especially in dry winter conditions like now. I hope you can attest that the texture is divine! Most balms are sticky / greasy & this isn’t – it absorbs easily to leave a dewy yet non-greasy glow. The bonus is that as a stick – you don’t have to stop using at home, you can easily pop it in your bag as a lip balm, hand cream, dry elbows, post exercise basically any of your on-the-go needs without fearing it will break, spill or weigh you down.
  • Take Off – Touch Down is our probiotic and salicylic acid infused xl biodegradable wipes. A speed cleansing solution that’s also an all-in-one routine (deep cleanses, rebalances, tones and hydrates) for even the busiest of days – which we all sometimes have.
  • Flight Mode Mood Rescue is all about promoting mindful calming habits -reminding busy people to unplug even if only for a few minutes. It’s a signature blend of 9 essential oils formulated to help relax, breathe easier, sleep, combat fatigue and even support your immune system – which gets compromised when you feel stressed. It smells divine, the packaging is so chic – It never leaves my side from when I wake, tackling daily tasks to going to sleep at night.

If you had to choose a can’t live without product from your range, which would it be?

That’s unfair, it’s like asking who my favourite child is. Each has it’s place – and are all essentials. That’s why I started with a tight curation on my favourites.

Do you have any other products in the pipeline?

Yes – we have a few special treats in development. But that said, our ethos at LBB Skincare is Less But Better – a real desire to simplify and be more mindful about our consumption. I’d like us to get further along with what we currently have on offer and let our customers guide us on what and when.

I love your name, Life is Beautiful in Balance. What does balance mean to you and how do you achieve it?

“Life is Beautiful in Balance”- what’s truer than that? Balance is awareness and action – knowing and making time for what you need in your life to be happy.

It’s not easy, because the truth is that most lives have a bit of stress in it. I believe what’s important and more realistic is to find those little
moments of calm and balance wherever you can – especially as we are better at looking after others and less good when it comes to ourselves. That’s why I advocate for healthy, small, easy and sustainable habits that serve you – skin, mind and all.

I find your Instagram feed so inspiring and calming. Who or what inspires you?

I’m really curious and eclectic and draw inspiration from too many things to list here. I’m happiest learning and experiencing new things – especially when it comes to people, ideas food and culture. I’m the kind of person who when I learn something useful and interesting, I want to share it with everyone I know! That’s what you see on Instagram, my weekly newsletters and indeed how LBB Skincare came about! I’m a high achiever by any standard and ticked many boxes in my career life – female engineer, one of the most senior black women in the city etc.. What you see on Instagram is part of my current balance journey to bring purpose, joy, love and growth into closer alignment. From the many conversations I’ve had with other women in their 40s I know I’m not alone and that many are on a similar journey. So Thank you, I’m glad to hear you find our content inspiring. I guess we are staying true to our mission to help you feel confident, calm & in control.

2020 has been a challenging year for so many people, what would you recommend to ladies of a certain age struggling with pesky perimenopausal hormones during Covid?

I’m no expert, but I’m a fan of a 360 approach to wellness – especially those lifestyle factors we can often neglect – rest, sleep, exercise, and our diets. I’ve been getting into alternative therapies like in the sessions we hosted online during the last lockdown… that combines physical exercise and breathwork like qigong and eft. Goodness knows we need all the help we can to stay sane and in control!

Thank you for your time Nnenna and for the opportunity to try the A-Game. It really is a standout skincare staple. Wishing you and the LBB Skincare team a happy and healthy 2021.


What an inspirational lady and brand. To learn more about LBB Skincare, Life is Beautiful in Balance, visit or click here.

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  1. 9 January 2021 / 8:48 pm

    What an interesting read this is, so fascinating to learn more about this lady and the products sound fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing a Charlotte x

    Sam |

    • charlotte
      10 January 2021 / 1:57 pm

      Hi Sam, thank you for taking the time to comment. Nnenna and LBB really are fantastic. I will definitely be purchasing the A- Game.X

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