Pro-Age Beauty – In Conversation With Jo Jewett

Jo Jewett

Over the last decade, my experience of beauty counters has been largely unsatisfactory. I have been made to feel old, unwelcome and on more than one occasion have walked away looking like an orange glitter ball. Not a good look on a woman in her late forties and thoroughly disheartening. I felt uncatered for and became sick of wasting money on products which I quickly discarded. So, the moment Jo Jewett popped up on my feed I was smitten. Jo is warm, kind, knowledgeable and a keen advocate for pro-age beauty. Even better, there’s not a trout pout or air of superiority insight.

After chatting to Jo over DM’s I swiftly purchased her Peaches and Cream Palette, followed by Studio 10 Age Defy Skin Protector, both of which I love. When Jo asked if I’d like to try her Eyelids Make Up Master Class I practically danced a little jig. I’m still a long way from being an international makeup artist but my eye makeup is now softer, more flattering and actually lifts my eyes! Result! The course is easy to follow and if you too are stuck in a makeup rut or want a more complementary look I highly recommend it.

Having established myself as a girl fan (a rather mature one!) I was delighted when Jo kindly agreed to join me for ‘In Conversation With.’

Hi Jo, thank you for your time and for being a beacon for women over 50, an urban guerrilla of cosmetics!

What inspired you to focus on Pro-Age beauty and women over 50?

When I reached my milestone 50th birthday, I had a word with myself. Things needed to change in my life. Being married, raising two children, maintaining my career while supporting my husband’s had taken a toll on my looks. I noticed the inevitable wrinkles, under eye shadows and bags. Once fresh faced, my skin looked dull and tired.

I was not alone. Close friends, knowing my past life advising quite famous clients, were feeling the same and asked me for advice. I did some research on products that work and came to the sad realisation that the cosmetics houses, while ramming ‘anti wrinkle’ creams at us, had no makeup solutions for my ever changing menopausal skin.

I was furious that women were classed as ‘passed it’ at 50 and not a commercially viable demographic.

In fact, they were, and some still are, scared to align themselves with my age group. Marketing directors and CEO’s [ usually men ] of huge cosmetics companies have a complete disconnect when it comes to women over 50.

So, I started my campaign out of anger, disbelief and frustration for my generation – a generation of women who, like me, in their lifetime put themselves last on the list of priorities.The irony is, when the time comes and you are ready to change makeup and skin care the only place you could go to get advice was to a department store consultant. Faced with a young, albeit enthusiastic girl working on commision, who thinks looking like you fell asleep on a Mars bar is a really good look! Most of us run for the hills ..

So I came back, wrote my book ‘Make Up Made Easy’ and for the last 12 years have been strategically getting everything together ready to change the cosmetics industry. An industry eager to profit from our insecurities, lack of knowledge and expensive mistakes.

What is ‘Jo’s Makeup Programme’?

We each want to capture that natural girl inside us, completely at ease with our look at any age, like all things that work – its easy when you know-how.

I take my women back to basics, the things I learned as a young makeup artist. Colours are key to everything, knowing your Colourscope range is essential to success with your makeup. Keeping to that range on your whole face – Eyes, cheeks and lips. Each colour should compliment the other to enhance your natural beauty. We are all beautiful, we just need to learn how to highlight the best bits and hide the rest. The best bits are the colour of your eyes – your cheekbones – the shape of your mouth – its all there but as we age we need to define them more, in a subtle way. Wrinkles and perceived imperfections fade into the background, the things you notice are the best bits.

I encourage my women to change, be brave, ditch the blue, green and teal eye shadows – the Fusia lipstick, overarched eyebrows and shimmer shadows of our youth. Apart from the fact that they date us, they also age us, if you haven’t changed your makeup in the last ten years chances are your products are wrong for your face.

Makeup is an expression of who you are, not who you were.

I recently bought your Peaches and Cream Palette which I adore. There are no ridiculous shades just a perfectly curated, colour cohesive, collection. How long did it take to put your makeup kits and Colourscope palettes together?

To make things happen I needed help, so I teamed up with some amazing people who believe in me and my mission to bring my technique, affordable perfect products and the ability to use them, to my women. No messing, no drama!

It took months of research, searching and negotiating to get the right beauty products together and I am incredibly proud of the range. They are all targeted products that really work for women over 40. Most women my age are sick of the Myth or Miracle game, being ‘sold’ loads of cosmetics only to find that they don’t work then leaving them in our ever bulging makeup bag for years.

My mantra is ‘Great things happen out of a very small makeup bag!’

Keeping it simple is key. So I put together my two Colourscope ranges – Heathers and Berries or Peaches and Creams. I explain how to analyse your colours on my website but I’m always there if you need me for bespoke analysis.

When I first started I was a makeup snob – I used to use Tom Ford makeup during my Roadshow day’s and 121 Masterclasses but at £75 for a quad! I realised it’s out of reach for many of my women. Plus there’s the added frustration when you use that one colour, then have to buy the whole bloody quad again to replace it. We all know that we are paying for fancy packaging, so it was my task to find a solution. I did just that, all the colours in my palette can be replaced individually and at £4.35 it’s definitely affordable!

I colour matched my perfect Colourscope kits from Pierre Rene Professional products along with Kobo Pro. So now you are all professional makeup artists! The ranges are normally used by professionals – nothing wrong with that, these colours are a best kept secret – so shhh!

My foundations and some backbone products are from Studio10. Grace Fodor is founder of the range, a fellow advocate for women over 40, I think she’s great, together we are doing our best to affect change.

My choice of skincare is Guinot and Nivea [blue tub] – both have stood the test of time and my test so I know they work.

If I find anything better you will be the first to know, there has been blood sweat and tears to cherry-pick this range and put them all together – so far they are loved by all. 

I was lucky enough to take part in your makeup master class (PR/AD) which I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from. Please tell us a little more about your masterclasses.

My mission is to give women EVERYTHING they need to use and choose makeup properly.

The right makeup used the right way is truly the most powerful weapon in our beauty regime. Forget about reclaiming your youth, good makeup reclaims you!

I also know this is a skill that needs to be taught, my women are discerning, clever and pragmatic – if it makes sense, they will do it. It’s also a fact that most of us are sick of being ‘sold’ stuff that is not right, doesn’t work and a waste of our hard earned money.

My programme is a system so easy to follow, anyone can do it.

I started with my Makeup Masterclass – 121, groups, mother and daughter days in my home. Then came ‘The Makeup Training Company’ doing live events, Roadshows in Spa’s, Hotels even pubs and hospitals!

2020 was to be the BIG one, with a large event already planned for Chatsworth house, TV appearances and all kinds of exciting venues all over the country leading to the launch of the much-anticipated makeup range. Then COVID hit us all like a punch to the head. I am not complaining, this dreadful pandemic has hit every industry. However I had to come up with another plan.

The online course is so exciting and the best way to get my technique out there, not just in the UK but around the world. My followers on Instagram and Facebook are everywhere on this planet, so in a strange way, it has steered me off course but moved me in the right direction.

Now I can be with you at home, you can get a copy of my book – I’ll send you a personalised makeup chart, you can have your products in front of you and can work through the online course at your own pace.

So you have everything to hand;

* My book open in front of you – it has a step by step guide to `The Technique’

* Your personal Colourscope makeup kit and chart

* Online Makeup Course

* Me! … Virtual training session

I love meeting my women online, in a virtual 121 or group training it’s my favourite thing to do. I can’t touch your face, but I can virtually guide you. Everyone I have met online has accomplished what they set out to achieve and it makes me so happy to get such amazing feedback. It’s always quite emotional when I see the results and hear how much confidence the experience imparts.

I’m so proud that we have got this out there. Back in the day, when I was doing elite clients in London I used to think, this skill should be taught at school – I was 21, so hardly out of school! I used to think it an injustice that the rich and famous should get this vital ‘Makeup for life’ training. Probably the lass from Sunderland in me, my Northern roots feeling the divide.

Thank you for your time Jo and for MASSIVELY improving my makeup choices and application.

If you’re looking for a lockdown skill I highly recommend Jo’s ‘All About Eyes’ masterclass. It really is the skill that keeps on giving and at only £27 its cheaper than redecorating the entire house!

To learn more about Jo, sign up for her fantastic masterclass or shop her carefully curated makeup collection, click here. Jo Jewett is an inspiring, talented and lovely lady who I’m glad to have connected with over the squares.

Jo Jewett Makeup Artist

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  1. 16 January 2021 / 8:01 am

    Such an interesting read! The peaches and cream palette looks perfect on you. I love the focus on accentuating all those beautiful features. And replaceable pans are definitely the future! Thanks so much for sharing, Charlotte!

    • charlotte
      20 January 2021 / 3:15 pm

      Thank you Helen, you’re always so kind. I love replaceable pans, such a good and practical idea x

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      Thank you so much for your very kind message, I’m really touched. I hope you’re keeping safe and well.

      Take care,

      Charlotte x

    • charlotte
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      I’ve tried to find your blog but couldn’t, if you get chance please send me a link. Thank you x

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