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How do you cleanse? With soap and water or do you have a seven-step cleansing routine? I’m a bit of a speed cleanser, I have no time for multi-step routines but like to cleanse thoroughly and gently. Every evening, without fail, I use Between Me and You bamboo cleansing pads. These little disks of delight are perfect for both home and travel, they’re a joy to use and great for the environment. I recently took them on holiday, where I found them portable and practical.

BM&y cleansing pads and roses

About BM&Y

Between Me and You is run by Oxfordshire based Alica and Neil, a lovely couple keen to do their bit for the environment.

Single-use products create tonnes of waste which is harmful to the planet, and this includes beauty and skincare products.

Our vision is to offer luxurious eco-friendly beauty alternatives for those who choose to make ethically-minded choices. 

We believe that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. 

At BM&Y we aim to provide sustainable beauty choices without compromising quality, experience and style.

Wondrous bamboo is at the core of our brand.  Our products are 100% natural, reusable and durable. 


Isn’t bamboo great?

Did you know?

– There are  are more than 1000 species of Bamboo

– It is a perennial flowering plant which grows in tropical temperate environments

– Bamboo is considered one of the most environmentally sustainable plants. It requires no irrigation or chemical fertilizers in order to grow

– Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet with some species growing almost one metre in a single day. 

– In its natural environment bamboo can grow in excess of 120 years.

– Bamboo is thought to release up to 30% more oxygen into the environment and absorb more carbon dioxide than other plants. Because of this bamboo reduces the amount of greenhouse gases in and cleans the air

– Bamboo contains “bamboo Kun”, an antimicrobial bio-agent that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it.

– Bamboo fabrics are Hypoallergenic and free of irritants – ideal for those who suffer with eczema, dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin

– Bamboo is intrinsically stronger than steel and has many uses, such as in the building and agricultural industries. It can also be made to make flooring, furniture, toys, bowls and can readily replace plastic..

– Bamboo products are biodegradable and decompose quickly with minimal damage to the environment


In addition to my BM&Y stash I’m also the proud owner of bamboo gym wear (not that I go) a bamboo tooth brush and an enormous bamboo plant in the garden. (It’s taller than me!)

bm&y pads

Why Cleansing Pads?

We all know that face wipes fail to cleanse our skin properly and take years to break down in landfill; as a result, many of us ditched them in favour of cotton wool pads drenched micellar water. Cotton wool pads make getting rid of makeup easy but unfortunately they too end up in landfill.

BM&Y cleansing pads are reusable and biodegradable, saving money and the planet.

The new kids on the block

In addition to luxurious cleansing pads BM&Y have also introduced some new bamboo, environmentally friendly, sustainable goodies suitable for the whole family.

These include:

  • bamboo buds
  • a body brush
  • a loofah
  • a sisal soap saver
  • a comb

Bamboo buds are such an easy swop and one of my favourites from the growing BM&Y family. They’re an absolute no brainer. You can read about them here.


BM&Y Sets

Stuck for a gift? Check out these gorgeous sets:

  • The Soft Set Collection
  • The Textured Set Collection
  • The Deluxe Set Collection
  • The Ultimate Set Collection
  • The Body Trio
cleansing pads and comb

To learn more about Between Me and You, say hello to Alicia and Neil or to browse the fantastic new range visit or click here.

You can read my post about Between Me and You and their valentine’s gift set here.

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