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After lamenting my long lost jawline on Instagram, the lovely Lizzie got in touch and asked if I’d like to try menopause face yoga for a month. I very nearly jumped for joy; only my pelvic floor stopped me!

Lizzie is a holistic facialist, member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists and Certified Face Yoga Teacher; she is based in Kent with over 20 years of industry experience. Lizzie offers 1:1 online personalised face yoga lessons, guiding you patiently through exercises tailored to your needs.

Face Yoga is a natural, non-invasive and effective method of looking and feeling younger, healthier and relaxed with an added sense of well-being. Face Yoga involves face exercises, face massage, face acupressure, relaxation breathing techniques, visualisation and affirmations.  Together with tips for your general overall wellbeing.


I have dipped into face yoga before but, without accountability and instruction failed to stick to it. An hour with Lizzie is, without doubt, the way forward.


Q&A with Lizzie

Please tell us a little about yourself

My interest in skincare and makeup first came about as a little girl watching my beautiful mum at her dressing table. My mum religiously cleansed, toned and moisturised her skin every morning and evening and from a teenager I followed her skincare rituals.  I was hooked!

I originally trained as a beauty therapist and make up artist but six years ago I furthered my training as a holistic facialist and this year as a face yoga teacher and love being able to offer my clients both.  I believe in ageing well and am passionate about helping women of all ages to feel more relaxed and confident in themselves and to have radiant, glowing skin.

What happens to the skin during peri-menopause?

At this stage in a woman’s life there can be many changes.  A rapid decline in collagen production and a weakening of elastin.  We lose structure in our faces and our skin starts to stretch and become loose.  You may experience redness due to hot flushes and rosacea.  Your skin’s barrier function may become disrupted and can cause your skin to become more sensitive, oily or more dry.  Your skin may have more blemishes or even acne.  All this is due to the change in your oestrogen levels which are reducing at this time.

How can we counteract this?

For the reduction in collagen and elastin, daily face massage is a great way to boost these and help to tone, lift and firm the skin.  You can also consider taking collagen supplements as well as using skin products that contain collagen.    To help repair your skin’s barrier function, it is important to treat the skin very gently and to reduce the number of products you are using.  A gentle cream, milk or gel cleanser (not foaming), together with a good moisturiser to hydrate and protect the skin.  Avoid exfoliating or using masks too regularly – once a week is enough.  A face oil helps to balance oil production and keep the skin from becoming too oily or too dry.  Consider other lifestyle factors such as eating a well balanced healthy diet and increase hydration by drinking 1.5 litres of filtered water per day.

What results can I expect from face yoga?

You can expect your face to look and feel more toned, lifted and sculpted.  Your skin will look healthier and more radiant as your circulation has been boosted to bring fresh nutrients to the skin’s surface.  You will look less puffy and have a reduction in dark circles under your eyes due to the lymphatic drainage.  You will have an inner sense and feeling of calmness, feel more relaxed and less tense.  An overall improved feeling of wellbeing.

How often should face yoga be practiced?

Ideally, you should practice face yoga for 20 minutes every day, 6 days a week for the most effective and best results.  However, if this feels too much, you can practice 10 minutes each day on the upper part of the face for 3 days and 10 minutes each day on the lower part of the face for 3 days.  And if that isn’t possible, even 5 minutes per day will give you a healthier and more toned looking skin.

Do improvements increase over time or is there a plateau?

You should continue to see improvements over time with regular, consistent practice.

Face Yoga is about strengthening and toning your face and neck muscles to create muscle memory. You will learn how to correctly exercise and massage your face to firm, lift and tone as well as boost the circulation, drain the lymph, improve the collagen and elastin to plump and lift your skin. 


My Results

After four weeks of dedicated practice, my skin looks brighter, clearer, my cheeks lifted and jawline firmer. I’m happy to be taking back control of my drooping face and taking time out to reset. Menopause face yoga is definitely something I’ll continue to practice.

I highly recommend booking face yoga tuition with Lizzie; she is warm, friendly and knowledgeable. To say hello to Lizzie or learn more about menopause face yoga, click here.

Have you tried menopause face yoga? I’d love to hear what you think.

Thank you for stopping by.

Take care, Charlotte x

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