Organic September

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Founded by Organic UK (The Organic Trade Board) Organic September aims to encourage us all ‘to make planet-positive decisions by listening to nature’.

If Nature could talk, it would ask us to choose organic.  It is better for wildlife, soil, and farm animals.

Go Organic

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Organic September is about celebrating everything organic and the hard work and dedication that goes into growing while working with nature, not against it. The year 2020 brought huge changes to our world; now, more than ever, we are seeking solutions that help restore nature, health and our climate. The time is now for organic!

2022 is the year we need to start listening to Nature. The overuse of artificial chemicals and pesticides is disrupting our natural world. Organic works with Nature, to support healthier soils, more wildlife, and our planet.

Go Organic


  • It’s better for wildlife
  • It’s better for the soil
  • It’s better for farm animals
  • It helps to combat climate change
  • It supports the highest standards of animal welfare
  • It reduces our exposure to pesticides

Choosing organic means:

Supporting wildlife
Organic farms are havens for wildlife and provide homes for bees, birds, and butterflies. On average, plant, insect and bird life is 50% more abundant on organic farms.

The highest standards of animal welfare
Animals raised organically enjoy the highest welfare standards available. Organic standards insist that animals are given plenty of space and fresh air, and that they are raised in conditions that suit their natural behaviour. Smaller flocks and herds, and more access to the outdoors means organic animals don’t have to be routinely treated with antibiotics and wormers. Mutilations like beak-trimming to prevent the aggressive side effects of stress are also not needed or allowed.

Reduced exposure to pesticides
Choosing organic is an easy way to limit our exposure to pesticides, herbicides (weedkillers) and many additives and preservatives. Organic farmers aim to create a natural balance between plants and animals to prevent pests, so that they don’t need to rely on pesticides.

Enjoying food as it should be
Choosing organic means that you are supporting farming practices with a more traceable production process and you will always know what’s in your food. Organic standards prohibit GM crops and ingredients, hydrogenated fats, and controversial artificial foods colours and preservatives.

Go Organic

One small swap can make a big difference.

Where to shop organic

My organic favourite brands include:

  • Kallo
  • Yeo Valley
  • Organii
  • Lavera
  • Crazy Jack
  • Doves Farm
  • Whole Earth
  • Benecos

If you’re keen to make organic swaps but don’t know where to start click here. Don’t forget to support your local independent shops and organic green grocers.

Soothing gel

Organic Beauty Products

Unfortunately, there are no legal standards or requirements when it comes to using the word ‘organic’ in beauty products, therefore it’s important to look for certification or organic logos, to find out more visit Go Organic.

Shower gel

Cook Organic

I highly recommend ‘Cooking with a Veg Box’ (Spring and summer veg) by Guy Singh-Watson a fabulous and informative book or, check out The Soil Association for a fabulous selection of online organic recipes.

Cookery book

Get involved in #OrganicSeptember 2022!

If you’re keen to support our precious nature and wildlife check out The Nature Petition. You can find more and sign here

Organic Chocolate

Will you support Organic September 2022? I’d love to know what swaps you make. Don’t forget to check out Go Organic for news, updates and inspiration. You can find them here.

Thank you for stopping by, take care.

Happy Organic September!

Charlotte x


Haute florist have introduced their first organic rose. To learn more, click here.

AD - I was kindly sent the September Organic Discovery box.

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