Menopause Gift Guide – September 2022


Hello, how are you? Thank you for stopping by to read my first dedicated menopause gift guide. Introducing, a fabulous selection of products which, thinking ahead, would make wonderful Christmas gifts.


Verden is a Danish word meaning ‘the world’ or ‘the earth’.

Verden is a vegan, cruelty-free, brand holistic wellness and lifestyle experience. Founders Charlotte and Arabella focus on the natural world, breathwork and connection, offering an olfactory sense of stability.


Breath practice is a powerful way to improve your wellbeing by connecting with the elements.  To us natural fragrance is an elemental prompt, reminding our senses to breathe deeply and slowly.  We share VERDEN breathwork practices to help you return to the breath and reconnect with nature.


The VERDEN Breathwork App helps you slow and regulate the breathing, calming the nervous system and, ultimately, the mind. You can download this fantastic free resource here.

I have been lucky enough to try:

  • Arborealist scented candle – A wonderful candle (with an exceptional throw) which has a deep, grounding fragrance. It offers reassurance during periods of hormonal flux.
  • D’Orangerie Hand and body wash – A gentle wash with a gently uplifting fragrance. The perfect natural boost for periods of lethargy.
  • D’orangerie hand and body balm – A nourishing and hydrating balm, perfect for dry menopausal skin.


To learn more about this immersive brand (one of my favourites from 2022) click here.



La Femme Verte Cleanser

La Femme Verte is a skincare brand dedicated to the care of menopausal skin. During a period of imbalance, La Femme Verte provides a reassuring sensory experience and much needed cuddle for the skin.

I adore Geranium Rose & Petitgrain, a calming and soothing fragrance.

Geranium Rose and Petitgrain enhances wellness and is particularly supportive to your hormonal cycle easing irritability and insomnia. 

La Femme Verte
Face oil

I was lucky enough to try three skincare treats from the floral range:

  • Oil to Milk cleanser – a gentle cleanser which leaves my skin feeling supple, not stripped.
  • Nourish and Glow Joyus Facial Serum – nourishing, light and perfect for facial massage.
  • Radiance Day Cream – awakening and soothing; I couldn’t love this day cream more.
Day cream

To learn more about La Femme Verte click here.

Body Collection England

Body Collection Blusher

At a time when we’re all watching the pennies, it’s great to find purse-friendly alternatives, with Body Collection England I have.

Body Collection England is a British, vegan, cruelty-free brand and an unexpected joy.

My flattering favourites are:

  • Highlighting brow pencil. My eyebrows need a lot of lifting and at £1.50, this soft blendable pencil does the trick.
  • Glow liquid blush in coral pink. This is light, buildable and brightens my visage. At only £2.50, it is highly recommended. It also makes a great lip tint.

I can’t fault the textures, finishes or longevity; I’ll definitely be buying replacements.

Highlighter pencil.

To learn more about Body Collection England click here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my menopause gift guide; whether you’re treating yourself or someone else I hope I’ve offered inspiration.

Wishing you a happy and healthy month ahead.

Take care,

Charlotte x


To read about the benefits of raw honey during the menopause, click here.

I have previously worked with La Femme Verte and The Body Collection England. Verden - PR items.

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