Menopause Relief – November Discoveries

Hello, how are you? I hope you’re well and keeping warm and cosy. How are you finding the dark nights? I love them, but I know some people struggle at this time of year. Anyway, without further ado, I’d like to introduce a selection of fantastic products promising menopause relief. I’m excited to try them all!

inulin powder
Inulin Powder

Inulin Powder

Constipation is a common and troubling symptom of the menopause, especially if it affects pelvic health. During a recent browse in Holland and Barrett, I discovered inulin powder. Inulin is a natural, plant derived source of dietary fibre; it contains 4.6g of fibre per 5g, has a sweet taste and is great in cereal or yoghurt. Inulin is a probiotic and great for bowel health. To learn more about this fibre super power click here.

Beauty And Vitality

Beauty and Vitality Skincare and supplements

Introducing; a new kid on the skin health block, Beauty and Vitality. The Radiant Skincare Kit, shown here, contains a calming moisturiser and supplements which focus on the skin microbiome. Together they aim to counteract the effects of the menopause, I’m all for that!

Beauty & Vitality Radiant Skincare – the new dual product skincare solution helping you get the glow inside and out, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and beautifully radiant.

Beauty & Vitality

I’m already loving Radiant Moisturiser, which leaves my skin feeling cosseted. You can learn more about menopausal skin health at Beauty and Vitality here.

Pretty Special Beauty

Pretty Special

I’ve written about Pretty Special Beauty several times before Lisa’s cleanser is (in my humble opinion) one of the best on the market; you can read my review here. The brand’s latest launch is Radiance Oil, a rich oil which comforts and nurtures mature, menopausal and winter ravaged skin.

A beautiful combination of ylang ylang, rose and bergamot flower extracts that are blended with concentrated botanical vitamins and minerals to give your skin a gentle, loving hydration boost.

Pretty Special Beauty

To say hello to Lisa and shop Pretty Special Beauty click here.


I was thrilled when Zoe the founder of AcuPips got in touch. I’m a huge fan of acupuncture and was keen to give them a try.

The ear is a microcosm of the human body and has more than 120 acupuncture points.

AcuPips Ear Seeds are designed to sit accurately on the pressure points on the ear, connecting directly to the central nervous system making them easy and effective to use. Stimulating these points can restore energy flow and balance the body.

AcuPips Ear Seeds are a premium therapy product, making the 2500 year old Chinese Medicine accessible to everyone.


Acupips are such a great idea and, even better, Zoe’s latest protocols facilitate the treatment of several menopausal symptoms including anxiety, weight loss and insomnia.

Ear Seeds are small seeds attached to a plaster. They are placed over specific pressure points on the ear to alleviate any symptoms you may be suffering from.

AcuPips are held in place with the plaster, and sit on the pressure point to activate it.

The placement is part of a branch of Chinese Medicine called Auriculotherapy.  Auriculotherapy is literally acupuncture solely focused on the ear. It is a needle free alternative to acupuncture.


After a rather gung-ho first attempt at application, I finally got my pips in place! – I’d highly recommend following Zoe on Instagram to get a clearer idea of positioning. I’ll let you know if I suddenly become slim and zen-like, AcuPips could be the answer to my peri-menopausal woes!

You can learn more about Acupips here.

I’ll keep you updated on my latest menopause relief discoveries. I’m pleased to report, first impressions are very positive.

I’d love to know if you’ve found anything that helps during this time of hormonal transition.

Thank you for stopping by.

Take care and stay well,

Charlotte x

This post contains a mix of PR samples and purchased products.

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