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CBD tea and cup

When Kate, owner of The Tonic, asked if I’d like to try the brand’s award-winning CBD, I was delighted. I’d read about the benefits of CBD use for symptoms of the menopause, but didn’t know where to begin.

What is CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. It is one of over one hundred cannabinoids found in cannabis, along with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Unlike TCH, CBD doesn’t produce a high or psychoactive effect and is often used to treat anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and stress, all of which are symptoms of the menopause.

The Tonic CBD

Kate Henderson and Michelle Oxley set up The Tonic after witnessing first-hand the benefits of CBD; their aim was to help others and ensure quality products were made available in an often confusing market. You can read their remarkable story here.

The Tonic is situated in the Yorkshire market town of Hebden Bridge; Kate also has a thriving online store offering a range of oils, patches, teas and body care products.

All of our CBD products are what is known as ‘full spectrum’, meaning they contain more than just CBD and are packed with a full array of Cannabinoids. This grouping is also known as the ‘entourage effect’. In order to obtain the highest quality oil, free from solvent residue and toxins, a sophisticated method of extraction is required. We favour the supercritical CO2 method which uses high pressures and low temperatures to very precisely extract the CBD essence.

The Tonic


All that Oestrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone and all the chemicals that come with it are suddenly and dramatically changing along with everything you know about yourself. That’s tough, and while there’s no stopping it, there is something you can do to at least give your body a fighting chance in coping with this transition.

The Tonic

The last time I checked, there were 34 symptoms of the menopause, which is pretty hard going, especially when balancing a career and home life. Not everyone can or wants to take HRT; some may take HRT but feel the need for something extra, in which case CBD can be helpful.

CBD Tea and spray


CBD is an effective way to help ease many symptoms of the menopause, including sleep, mood and pain. Andrea Mclean credits CBD with lessening her hormonal anxiety, while Meg Matthews owns a cannabis farm!

What should I buy?

CBD isn’t a quick fix for the menopause, sadly there’s no such thing, but it is a simple, natural and accessible way to make the whole awful process much more bearable. You can support your body in bringing a little balance to your over-burdened endocrine system by microdosing your favourite CBD. Try our 8% CBD oil for bringing a little mental clarity and calm into your life, our grounding 3% CBG enhanced oil to ease those mood swings and treat yourself to our silky-soft, mildly tingly Clit Spritz to lubricate, rejuvenate and bring back sensitivity to your neglected lady bits.

The Tonic

My Thoughts

I was kindly sent Peace, Chai Spice Tea and 8% CBD oil.


Ingredients include black darjeeling, star anise, cardamon and cinnamon.

The Tonic Tea’s are a luxurious and easy way to get your daily CBD dose. Unlike most other CBD drinks on the market, we use our own unique Water-Soluble Full Spectrum CBD, which is specially designed to be ingested while retaining almost 100% CBD absorption and it contains the whole range of cannabinoids and terpenes available for the greatest effect.

The Tonic

I love warm, cosy drinks; Peace tea is delicious and makes me feel calm, relaxed and focused. Anxiety and brain fog be gone! Chai Spice has already replaced wine as my Friday night tipple!


8% CLASSIC CBD OIL – Regular flavour

CBD Oil spray is super portable and handbag friendly. It’s Rescue Remedy with benefits!

The Tonic 8% CBD oil is one of our most popular CBD oils, based on a 1:1 mixture of organic hemp oil.

  • Contains: 800mg in the 10ml or 1600mg in the 20ml
  • High power: Our 8% Classic CBD Oil is a mid-to-high range potency. Our Classic CBD oils include all the essential cannabinoids such as CGD, CBDA, CBG, CBC and terpenes, making it a full spectrum CBD oil.
  • Full of benefits: can help maintain mind focus, mood and a sense of calm
The Tonic

The Tonic 8% CBD Oil offers focus, calm, a great night’s sleep and is now a bedside staple.


Does CBD Work?

Yes, it does! The Tonic CBD has helped reduce my perimenopausal brain fog and anxiety, replacing them with calm focus.

I’ve already placed an order for Anytime Fruit Explosion Tea; need I say more?

cbd tea and cup

For a free consultation or to place an order with The Tonic click here. I can’t recommend this fantastic brand highly enough.

Has CBD helped you during the menopause? I’d love to know.

Thank you for stopping by.

Stay well,

Charlotte x

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To learn more about Kate and The Tonic click here.

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