What is CBD Oil?

Kate Henderson - The Tonic CBD

What is CBD oil and how can it support me during the menopause?

I recently collaborated with amazing Yorkshire brand The Tonic and fell head over heels. After experiencing the benefits of The Tonic’s CBD products I was curious to learn more. Who better to ask than Kate, founder of The Tonic and all round lovely lady.

In conversation with Kate Henderson.

Thank you for your time Kate, please could you tell us a little about yourself.

I am Kate Henderson, co-founder and director of The Tonic CBD. I live on the hills above  Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire where The Tonic HQ is based. The landscape here is stunning yet demanding, with steep hills and expanses of rugged moorland. Being a mountain biker, (ex)fell runner and dog owner I spend a lot of time outside, adventuring and often injuring! This is why I turned to CBD – to help ease old (and new!) injury niggles as well as create a sense of calm. I had no idea how much CBD would also help with hormonal imbalances until I hit peri-menopause and am so grateful for its properties to help regulate the endocrine system.

What prompted you to set up The Tonic?

My friend Michelle’s brother had MS since he was 18 and by the time he was 40 he was paralysed from the neckdown. The only relief from the muscle spasms, which one effected his vision, was cannabis. Before we discovered CBD Oil, his mother would have to hold a rolled cannabis joint so he could smoke it. Within 2 inhalations his tremors had subsided so much that his eyes could focus, he could see you and a smile would return to his face as he was able to engage. Obviously, cannabis is illegal in this country, as is THC over 0.03%, so once we discovered cannabis oil, the legal aspect was such a relief. This was Michelle’s drive to create the best CBD products available in the UK. Together we sourced the best European growers and innovators and worked on creating the amazing range of beautifully branded products and customer support that can’t be beaten.

Which is your favourite product from the range and why?

I love love love the 8% Water Soluble CBD – it’s the stronger of the 2 full spectrum water soluble products we do. It contains extra anti inflammatory terpenes that naturally occur in the cannabis plant, so it’s power to ease discomfort throughout the body is great! It’s also very calming and very easy to take as you don’t need to hold it under the tongue like classic CBD oil. The CBD Face & Body Cream is the absolute best for keeping my skin moisturised longer than any other cream I’ve tried and the CBD speeds up repair. I turn to the patches as and when if I’ve pushed my body and the knee and back issues raise their head. And finally the CBD Infused Tea’s! I still don’t have a favourite – they’re all delicious!

What has been your biggest achievement or squeeze me moment with The Tonic to date?

The greatest achievement has been, and will always be, the feedback we get from our customers. They matter more than awards and celebrity endorsements. Our hearts sing when we get reviews of how much our products have changed peoples’ lives. 

Having Fearne Cotton and Victoria Emes as fans alongside some world champion mountain bikers is obviously a buzz too!

How can CBD help during the perimenopause and menopause? 

Hormone fluctuations are the main reason for peri & menopausal symptoms and CBD’s main job is to work with our master homeostatic regulator – the Endocannabinoid System. This is a system of receptors that reside throughout your entire body including your control centre in the brain, nervous system and endocrine system. Your body also produces its own version of CBD, molecules called Endocannabinoids. One such cannabinoid is called Anandamide and is produced in the ovaries – it’s referred to as the ‘bliss hormone’ and fluctuates with Estrogen levels. Taking Phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant activates this existing system to produce endocannabinoids which in turn connect to the receptors and create a state of homeostasis (balance). 

With CBD, a little every day goes a long way so I always recommend taking it daily rather than waiting for symptoms to arise and tackling it head on. See CBD as a preventative and look to increase the dose when you know you are going to have a drop in Estrogen (there’s usually 2 dips in 1 cycle). 

Which products from your range  would you recommend for perimenopausal /menopausal ladies and why?

Any good oral CBD or CBD Patches will do the trick and always start low, working up if and when you feel you need to.

We have created a CBD Bundle called ‘Midlife Bundle’ and you save 15% when you buy these 2 products together. The bundles consists of our 8% Classic CBD Oil and our Night Time Cleansing Blossom Tea. The 8% Classic CBD Oil is a great all-rounder and particular good for focusing the mind, lowering anxiety and enhancing the mood, so it’s particularly good for morning and daytime. The CBD Infused Tea is a perfect evening drink to help you unwind and deepen sleep. It does depend from which symptoms you suffer and if you are unsure as to which product would best suit you, just get in touch, we’re happy to give you a free consultation. 

Are there any contraindications between CBD and HRT, antidepressants or other commonly prescribed drugs or over the counter supplements?

The only advice we can give in regards to medication is to ask your doctor if you are unsure. We must stress that we are not medically trained, researchers or pharmacologists and unless evidence is out there to state otherwise we cannot say for sure. There are plenty of people taking CBD alongside HRT, myself included, with no issues at all, and the same with anti depressants. The only natural thing we know of that can inhibit the effects of CBD is grapefruit, but that is the case with many medicines too. CBD is a natural blood thinner so that is also something to be aware of. 

What do you wish you could tell your younger self? 

Ha! I’m not sure she’d listen anyway. But I honestly don’t think there is anything I would tell my younger self. The journey needs to be endured! I’ve had a blessed life compared to most and any negative experiences I had when I was younger gave me the wisdom and positive approach to life I have today. Luckily I learned from mistakes and bad experiences rather than repeated them!

Thank you for your time Kate, it was great to learn more about you and your fantastic brand.

To shop the range click here. To read my review of The Tonic’s teas and oil click here. Spoiler alert – I’m already a returning customer!

Thank you for stopping by.

Take care and stay well.

Charlotte x

Kate Henderson - The Tonic CBD

I have previously worked with The Tonic.

I have previously worked with The Tonic.

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