Makeup and the menopause

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Blur

Have your updated your makeup since hitting the perimenopause? I’m opting for lighter, glow-giving formulations and avoiding makeup that settles in my not-so-fine lines! Introducing makeup and the menopause, my favourite finds.

During menopause, many women experience changes in their skin, such as increased dryness, loss of elasticity, and thinning. These changes can affect how makeup applies and looks on the skin. I’ve been adapting my makeup routine to accommodate these changes.

Creating a canvas

The skin tends to become drier during the perimenopause, so I use hydrating skincare products before applying makeup. This helps create a smoother canvas for my foundation and prevents it from settling into my lines and wrinkles. You can read about my favourite skincare products here, here and here.

Foundation choices

I opt for lightweight, hydrating foundations that provide coverage and glow without accentuating my lines. My favourites are bareMinerals Complexion Rescue  and Katherine Daniels pure pigment foundation drops, both are glowy and super flattering.

Katherine Daniels Pure pigment foundation

Brows and lashes

Hormonal changes during menopause can sometimes lead to thinning or sparse eyebrows and eyelashes. I’m a fan of Gokos brow products and Grande eyelash serum.

Lip Care

Menopause can contribute to thinning lips. I’m too much of a nervous Nora to have lip fillers so opt for stains and tints which offer a flattering hint of colour. My favourites are Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur and Pixie Beauty Tint Fix.


In my attempt to achieve a youthful flush (I wish) I turn to Charlotte Tilbury Lip and Cheek Glow. I also love Ayu Cream Blush.

Pro-age Beauty Brands to check out

If you’re on the look out for pro-age flattering makeup, check out Trinny London, famed for its creamy textures and portable pots and Studio10 Makeup, a fantastic, pro-age brand founded by the lovely Grace Fodor. If you’re looking for tutorials, celebrity Makeup Artist Caroline Barnes has a great Makeup in the Menopause tutorial, which you can watch here.

Have you updated your menopause during the menopause? I’d love to know your top products and tips.

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