In Conversation with Julie Court – Essex Menopause Coach

Julie Court – The Essex Menopause Coach

I’ve followed the lovely Julie Court a.k.a. Essex Menopause Coach on Instagram for quite some time; she’s warm, knowledgeable and the kind of lady you want in your team. Julie has recently published her fabulous first book, MENO PAUSE – Your menopause journey: A personal guide and journal. I was delighted when Julie kindly agreed to join me for a chat. Thank you for your time Julie.

Please could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I am fortunate to live on the scenic Essex Coast with my family, most days you will find me taking a stroll along the seawall, coffee in hand. There’s something innately soothing about being near the water and nature. This daily habit has not only become a source of joy for me but has also played a significant role in managing my own perimenopause symptoms.

As for my professional life, it’s been a fascinating journey that led me to become a menopause coach and breathwork practitioner – roles I hadn’t originally envisioned for myself. When my daughter was born, I found myself at a crossroads, wondering what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. A long-standing interest in nutrition nudged me in a new direction and I set out to cut through the misinformation by retraining in nutrition.

My plunge into the realm of menopause began when a friend asked about the interplay between nutrition and menopause. To my surprise, I didn’t have the answers. This realisation propelled me to undertake specialised training in nutrition for menopause and, before I knew it, I was down the menopause rabbit hole. It was during this time that I realised I had been perimenopausal for years, but my symptoms had been overlooked or misdiagnosed by various health practitioners. My newfound knowledge and personal experiences allowed me to experiment and find what worked best for me. It highlighted the importance of stress management, leading me to become a qualified breathwork coach. Recognising the importance of informed discussions around HRT, I also undertook Dr Louise Newson’s training. Although I don’t prescribe, I’m equipped to provide factual information, assisting women to prepare for GP appointments and helping them navigate this critical stage of life.

My approach to coaching is underpinned by simplicity and personalisation. I believe that during the overwhelming moments of menopause, women need straightforward, easy-to-implement strategies rather than unrealistic, grand transformations. I help women bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it, creating space for them to prioritise themselves, and guiding them to make changes that not only matter to them but also enhance their well-being. I feel privileged to offer this comprehensive support to those I work with.

Book by Julie Court The Essex Menopause Coach

Congratulations on publishing your fantastic new book. Please tell us all about it.

Thank you! Publishing my book, ‘Your Menopause Journey: A Personal Guide & Journal: Embrace the power within you,’ has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’m still buzzing from the success of the launch week where it shot into Amazon’s menopause best sellers list!

This book is more than just a guide; it’s a companion to help women understand and navigate menopause. It mirrors the core elements of my coaching programme, emphasising the importance of a well-rounded approach to wellness. It covers back to basics nutrition, stress management and breathwork techniques that can be integrated into daily life. Finally, we explore personal happiness, prompting women to rediscover what truly brings them joy and satisfaction. In essence, it’s a tool to guide women back to themselves, particularly those who may feel a little lost during this time. The associated journal offers a simple method to carve out time in your busy week, allowing you to decide which actions are important for your wellbeing and implement them. It also encourages reflection, a critical element in effecting positive change, enabling you to appreciate subtle shifts in your wellbeing and understand the direct correlation between your actions and how you feel. My underlying philosophy throughout the book is that of simplicity and positivity. My hope is that this book will inspire women to feel confident and empowered as they journey into this new phase of their lives.

What inspired you to write your book? Have you always wanted to be a published author?

Interestingly, the thought of becoming an author hadn’t crossed my mind until my work as a menopause coach started to evolve. I often found myself suggesting to my clients that they invest in a good journal to track their experiences. And then, a ‘lightbulb’ moment happened – why not create a tailored journal myself? It could then encompass all the crucial elements from my one-on-one coaching sessions. I also realised there was a whole demographic of women who, for various reasons, may not be able to access my coaching services. The idea of creating a resource that could reach these women was deeply motivating for me.

Essentially, the book is an extension of my coaching practice, consolidating my knowledge, personal experiences, and passion for supporting women through their menopause journey into an accessible resource.

What are your 5 top tips for peri and menopausal ladies?

  1. Start Small: Success begins with taking small, manageable steps. By making one change at a time, you can pinpoint what specifically improves your menopause symptoms. For instance, limiting caffeine intake to mornings might enhance your sleep quality. By isolating this change, you can confidently identify its positive impact and make it a staple in your routine.
  2. Harness the Power of Positivity: Concentrate on changes that bring joy and enhance your self esteem. Celebrate your small wins and understand that your experience is unique to you. So, forget about what you ‘should’ do and focus on what changes you truly desire.
  3. Tune into Your Body: Learning to understand your body’s signals is crucial. Recognise the habits that make you feel good and those that don’t. Then, adjust your lifestyle in a way that prioritises your wellbeing.
  4. Self-Compassion: Embrace the understanding that there’s no such thing as failure – only opportunities for learning and growth. Women in midlife can be incredibly tough on themselves, often holding themselves to unrealistic standards. Why do we do this to ourselves when we’re already juggling so much? It’s important to let go of the perfectionist streak and remember to treat yourself with kindness and patience.
  5. Seek Support: You’re not alone. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends, family, or professionals. Remember, all options are on the table, from lifestyle changes to medical treatments like HRT. It’s your journey – don’t be afraid to seek help to navigate it in a way that best suits you.

Are there any standout products you routinely recommend?

I do recommend certain products, but it’s essential to remember that everyone’s experience with menopause is unique, and therefore, what works best can vary significantly from person to person. I often suggest items that support relaxation and help manage stress. Calming teas and mindfulness apps are quite popular in this respect.

I am often asked about supplements, while I strongly advocate for getting our nutrients primarily from our diet, I understand that sometimes an additional boost may be needed. In such cases, I recommend City Survivor supplements. These are formulated by Nutritionist Daisy Conner and made here in the UK. These high-quality capsules are filled only with active ingredients, eliminating unnecessary fillers. The Night Support supplement is particularly beneficial for enhancing sleep quality. However, I always emphasise that the use of any product should be tailored to your specific needs and ideally in consultation with a healthcare provider.

What would you tell your younger self?

If I could have a chat with my younger self, I’d encourage her to be gentler with herself and to trust her instincts more. I’d reassure her that she’s more resilient than she might think. I’d tell her she will accomplish things she never thought possible and have a huge amount of fun along the way! But, knowing my headstrong younger self, she wouldn’t listen anyway!

Thank you Julie; it’s lovely to learn more about you and how you support menopausal ladies through your dedicated work.

To learn more about Julie Court, Essex Menopause Coach click here. I highly recommend signing up to Julie’s newsletter; it’s always a welcome arrival in my in box.

Take care and stay well,

Charlotte x

Book by the Essex Menopause Coach

To learn about CBD and the menopause click here.

Julie kindly gifted me her fantastic book.

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