The benefits of taking Natural Shilajit during the menopause.

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Have you experienced the benefits of taking Natural Shilajit during the menopause?

What Is Shilajit?

Shilajit is frequently used in Ayurveda medicine; it is a dark resin with a gummy texture typically found in Himalayan rock. It is abundant in minerals and fulvic acid. Shilajit is a dietary supplement used to improve everything from impotence to bone fractures.

Natural Shilajit Resin is an organo-mineral product of natural origin with a complex chemical composition extracted from the sacred Altai Mountains. It is formed in cracks of rocks and niches and takes the form of a crust of resin-like consistency. 

Natural Shilajit
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Content Of Natural Shilajit

Shilajit is believed to have healing properties due to its complex composition. It contains approximately 28 chemical elements, 30 macro and micro elements, 10 different metal oxides, 6 amino acids, and several vitamins like B12, P-617, and B. Additionally, it has essential oils, bee venom, and resin-like substances that promote metabolic processes and enhance regenerative processes in various tissues.

The benefits of Natural Shilajit include:

  • Rich in Vitamins and minerals
  • Naturally detoxes the body
  • Stabilises the mood and lessens anxiety
  • It supports healthy ageing 
  • Reduction of chronic fatigue and tiredness
  • Stimulation of the inner cell regeneration processes
  • Soothing, regenerating, and rejuvenating effect on the skin and hair
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Benefits Of Taking Shilajit during the menopause

  • Anxiety and low mood are common symptoms of the perimenopause. It’s claimed that Shilajit will improve the mood by an average of 34%.
  • Brain fog can be debilitating and can result in many women leaving their jobs. It is claimed that Shilajit can improve focus by 26%.
  • Insomnia is another debilitating symptom of the perimenopause. It is claimed that Shilajit will improve your quality of sleep by 19%.
  • Energy and productivity Thanks to Shilajit it is claimed your energy levels will improve by 23% and productivity by 39%. 
  • Periods It is claimed Shilajit can help to regulate hormones and ease cramps.
  • Bone Density Due to reduced estrogen during the perimenopause, women have lower bone density. Shilajit can enhance bone density and structure.

Source – Natural Shilajit

If you’re aiming to harmonise your hormones during perimenopause or alleviate cognitive cloudiness, this potent natural supplement has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness.

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Products by Natural Shilajit

I was kindly sent:

Nutrihoney Sticks

Raw Honey in hand

This is our one-of-a-kind, 100% Natural Shilajit Resin and Raw Honey product that is sealed in easy-to-take sticks which ensures you get your exact daily dosage of shilajit precisely measured for your convenience. Each stick contains 0.5 grams of shilajit (pea-size portion) and 4.5 grams of raw honey.

Natural Shilajit

Natural Shilajit Resin

Shilajit in hand

It is packed with minerals, amino acids, Fulvic and Humic Acids, vitamins A, B, C, and P (citrines), phospholipids, polyphenol complexes, and terpenoids that play a vital role in several essential functions carried out by our bodies.

Natural Shilajit

How to take Shilajit

Take a grain of rice-sized piece on an empty stomach in the morning, mixed into a warm drink.

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I’m excited to be taking Natural Shilajit and look forward to updating this post with my progress.

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Have you experienced the benefits of taking Natural Shilajit during the menopause? I’d love to know.

Thank you for stopping by, take care and stay well.

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