Laurel and Reed Clean Beauty Box

Introducing Laurel & Reed’s latest clean beauty box, featuring three full sized products by green beauty brand Free + True.

Free + True

Free + True is on a mission to reveal complete skin confidence through low maintenance skincare routines that deliver high maintenance results. The esthetician created collection harnesses potent California-grown botanicals and marries them with clinically proven, clean science to nourish skin both inside and out. You will feel facial fresh in minutes giving you the freedom to pursue what matters most.

Free + True
Laurel and reed clean beauty box -serum

As an advocate for cruelty-free beauty brands, I’m grateful to Laurel and Reed for introducing me to this fabulous eco, bee-loving brand .


This fantastic collaboration contains

  • FREE + TRUE Bright Side Vitamin C Serum
  • FREE + TRUE Raw + Wild Illuminating Honey Mask 
  • FREE + TRUE Body Worker Hydrating Body Serum

FREE + TRUE Bright Side Vitamin C Serum 


Formulated for sensitive skin this hypoallergenic serum combines two stable forms of vitamin C to rejuvenate skin cells, boost collagen and fade hyperpigmentation. It has a beautifully light texture and leaves my skin glowing, perky and without any irritation.

Natural botanicals like amla, mulberry, licorice root, and uva-ursi, along with a patented, glow-boosting peptide enhances the serum’s brightening effects while acetyl zingerone, derived from ginger, strengthens skin’s natural defense against sun damage. With every use, inner glow radiates. Bare skin feels nourished and radiantly free.

Laurel and Reed

FREE + TRUE Raw + Wild Illuminating Honey Mask 

Face Mask

This delicious mask gently exfoliates and refines my skin. It has a beautiful texture and fragrance and is a pampering-pleasure to use.

Raw + Wild pays homage to our most sacred pollinator, the Bee. Inspired by the critical ecosystems that bees thrive on in the San Francisco Bay Area, this creamy mask contains California grown, bee-friendly botanicals such as lavender, lemon balm and marigold.
Raw + Wild is the perfect pick-me-up for congested, lackluster complexions and detoxifies skin exposed to urban pollution.

Laurel and Reed

FREE + TRUE Body Worker Hydrating Body Serum

body serum

Body Worker is a beautiful skin treat which gives my skin a quenching boost. The texture is divine.

This innovative formula contains powerful actives that protect skin from daily oxidative stress while deeply hydrating and immersing senses in exotic notes of ginger, bergamot, and jasmine.
Body Worker’s star ingredient is acetyl zingerone, a derivative from ginger, is touted for its ability to reverse damage caused by environmental stressors while restoring the integrity of the skin barrier and shielding it from future damage.
With an artisanal blend of botanical extracts, pumpkin, and avocado oils, Body Worker quickly absorbs into the skin, yet endures, for long-lasting moisture, fueling skin’s natural ability to preserve, protect, and restore.

Laurel and Reed
Body serum

To learn more about Laurel & Reed’s latest clean beauty box featuring Free + True click here. This beautiful box is a bargainous £48.00. Get a generous 15% discount with code CHARLOTTE15.*

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Clean beauty box

I’m a huge fan of Laurel and Reed; you can read my previous review of their OKOKO subscription box here.

Free + True x Laurel & Reed Box – Ships on the 15th and 20th of August.

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