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Do you mindfully adapt your skincare regime as the seasons shift? Seasonal skincare involves adjusting your skincare routine and products to accommodate the changing seasons and their specific environmental challenges. Different seasons can bring about various skin issues due to factors such as temperature and sun exposure. To maintain healthy and radiant skin year-round, consider the following seasonal skincare tips:


  • Cleansing – Whether you’re a single or double cleanser this is not a step to be missed. Its important to clean the day (or night) off your skin to avoid congestion and ensure your actives work properly.
  • SPF is essential 365 days a year – I never leave home without it. Look for broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or above.
  • Hydration is key. Regardless of the season, staying well-hydrated from the inside by drinking enough water is essential for healthy skin.
  • Diet – The old adage; you are what you eat is very true. Maintain a balanced diet throughout the year for overall skin health.
Skin Elixir Eye Cream

Customising Your Routine

As the seasons shift tailor your skincare routine to your specific skin type and concerns.

  • Hydration – Transition to lighter moisturisers as the weather warms up and heavier moisturisers in the autumn and winter moths.
  • Sun Protection – In the summer months consider adding a hat and sunglasses for extra protection. Reapply sunscreen every two hours when outdoors.
  • Oil Control – If you have oily skin, use oil-free or mattifying products in the summer to control excess shine.
  • Lip Care: Start using lip balm in the colder months to prevent chapped lips. Use lip products with SPF in the summer months.

Remember that individual skin types may have unique needs, so it’s essential to listen to your skin and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

What does seasonal skincare mean to you? Do you adapt your skincare regime when the seasons change? I’d love to know what works for you.

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Wabi Sabi

Products shown:

  • Tropic Skincare – Skin Re-Leaf. A refreshing, light moisturiser which is perfect for sun-sensitive skin.
  • Skin Elixir – All Around Eyes. A cooling eye treat which is perfect during hay fever season.
  • SOS – H20 SPF – A silky SPF which is quickly absorbed.
  • Wabi Sabi Botanicals – The Giver. A velvety light cleansing oil, which is featured in Laurel & Reed’s fantastic September Beauty Box.

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