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Hello, and happy autumn. How are you? I hope you’re enjoying the seasonal shift. Besides savouring hearty soups and milky desserts, the autumn beckons us to care for our skin, shielding it from the fluctuations in weather and central heating. Allow me to introduce two of my favourite skincare products, lovingly designed to provide your skin with the ultimate nourishment and protection; they’re comfort food for the skin.

Apothaka Barrier Support Serum

Barrier support serum

The original and the best Barrier Support Serum!

A hydrating serum with 5% niacinamide, ceramide complex & hyaluronic acid, designed to support, protect and replenish the skin barrier, for optimal hydration balance and to keep skin healthy.


Apothaka has a skin barrier-first approach to skincare. Every item within Natasha’s product range is carefully crafted to support and sustain optimal skin health. Natasha passionately advocates for a holistic approach to barrier maintenance, expressing concerns about the practice of over-treating and subsequently repairing the skin.

If you want to put your skin health first, choose a brand which makes this CENTRAL to their philosophy – across their WHOLE range, not just for one product. Because skin barrier health comes from your overall skincare approach / whole routine, not a single product. 

Natasha, founder of Apothaka

To learn more about the OG Barrier Support Serum, click here.


Super Supple

Sourced from Nature, superSupple is a unique blend of Polyglutamic acid, omega-rich fatty acids, healing plant oils and ceramides. Enhances skin barrier function and promotes ceramide synthesis, helping skin cells form a protective layer against pollution and stressors.

Pure & Cimple

Pure & Cimple presents a beautiful, lightweight moisturiser which nurtures and shields the skin against environmental stressors and pollution. It ensures a radiant and well-nourished complexion. Preeti advocates for a minimalist skincare philosophy, and her thoughtfully curated capsule collection comprises six skin essentials.

By simplifying your skincare routine, you can save time, money, and reduce the risk of skin irritation. Perfect for busy women who want to take care of their skin without sacrificing time or quality.

Preeti – Founder Pure & Cimple

To learn more about superSupple, click here.

Protecting the Skin Barrier during the perimenopause and beyond

In addition to the changing weather, fluctuating hormones during the perimenopause and beyond can result in increased skin dryness and sensitivity, rendering the skin more vulnerable to environmental factors. At this time, it becomes imperative to invest in skincare that actively nurtures and fortifies the skin’s protective barrier while preserving optimal moisture levels. I highly recommend Barrier Support Serum and superSupple during seasonal and hormonal shifts.

Do you adapt your skincare as the seasons change? What are your ‘comfort food for the skin’ recommendations? I’d love to know.

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Charlotte x

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I have previously worked with Pure & Cimple.

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